Zirconia Powder Call for Sizing & Pricing

Zirconia Powder Call for Sizing & Pricing
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*For orders of Zirconia Powder please please call 215-444-9315 and plan for approximately an additional 7-14 days of processing time for your order


Zirconia Powder
Zirconia Powder, also referred to as Zirconium Oxide, is a highly versatile product. It is a chemically inert material, resistant to high temperatures, thermal shock, corrosion, impact, and wear. Zirconia powders are an ideal replacement for cerium powders, as they overcome the economic and availability issues of cerium while still achieving the high performance polishing results your processes require. Our high purity Zirconia range across various grades of softness, cutting/buffing action, and particle size distribution. If you are unable to find material suitable to your particular needs, custom sizing is available.

Typical Properties: Abrasive, High Hardness, High Strength, High Density, Wear Resistance, High Thermal Conductivity

Typical Applications: Polishing, Grinding, Lapping, Refractories, High Temperature Filler, High Temperature Insulation, Zirconium Metal Production, Electronics, Alloying Agent, Opacifiers, Ceramic Color, Catalysts, Sensors

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