Reactive Grade Alumina - 1Lb

Reactive Grade Alumina - 1Lb
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Reactive Grade Alumina (Al2O3)


The Martinswerk reactive grade alumina powders have an Al2O3 content of at least 99.7%, with a crystal size of less than 2 microns. Reactive grades are more stable than calcined alumina, thus suitable for dense, high strength wear resistant materials. Martinswerk reactive grade alumina powders are processed for use as a reactive binder in various applications.

Typical Properties:

High Compression Strength & Hardness  High Melting Point
Abrasive / Wear-Resistance Chemical Inertness
High Degree of Refractoriness Superior Electrical Insulating Properties
Resistance to Thermal Shock Dielectric Properties


Typical Applications:

Polishing Structural Ceramics
Technical Ceramics Refractories
Body and Vehicle Armor Grinding
Polishing Lapping
Metal Preparation Anti-Slip
Laminates Coatings
Filtration Abrasives
Refractory Milling


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