Lubricant Powders

HBN or Hexagonal Boron Nitride
HBN is sometimes called White Graphite because it has a structure and properties that are similar to graphite. The hexagonal structure of Boron Nitride provides improved strength and hold ability of powder composites. HBN is an extremely dry lubricant powder which sought for both its chemical inertness and thermal stability. These properties make it an excellent mold release agent for molten metals and salts. HBN is also thermally conductive so it can hot or moving parts cooling, acting as a heat sink. The properties of HBN have been found to be beneficial in a wide variety of industries including the more recent adaptation into their use in bullet coatings.

Typical Applications:
-Cosmetics & make-up
-Mold & die release
-High temperature equipment
-Thermally conductive filler
-Refractory High temperature insulator
-Engine Oil Additive
-Hot pressed high thermally conductive goods
-Ceramic additive
-Composites & high tech matrixes
-Heat sink & thermal transfer
-Paints & Coatings

Handling Specifications: Product is a fine powder with hygroscopic properties (water loving). Particle size will increase when exposed to air/humidity/water due to attraction/clumping*. Be sure to seal tightly and store the product in temperature and humidity controlled environment. Since HBN is an extremely fine and fluffy material, try to minimize inhalation. Inhalation of such materials has been suspected to cause respiratory tract infections. The compound itself is not considered likely to be hazardous by inhalation, however, if symptoms occur consult your physician.

*For bullet lube applications, attraction/clumping should generally not affect you since you are adding the product to a vibratory tumbler.

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