Cerium Oxide 65% <6um - 1/2 lb

Cerium Oxide 65% <6um -  1/2 lb
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Cerium Oxide CeO2 ranges in color depending on purity and REO ingredients.  It sometimes called cerium dioxide, cerium(IV) oxide, ceric oxide, ceria.  Its trade or hobby names can also be “Jeweler’s Rough” or “Opticians Rough”.  CeO2 is a natural compound most commonly used in ceramics, to polish glass and gems, to sensitize photosensitive glass and in a variety of other applications.
Cerium Oxide can be mixed with water to form a paste or slurry.  Compatible with most polishing pads and can be used in both low and high speed equipment with recirculating systems.  It is found to be more popular in rotary tumblers over vibratory tumbling because of the way the intense vibrations cause the cerium particles to break down.  Some of our lapidary users have noted cerium as their preferences for polishing items like non-tumbled quartz, agate, jasper, glass, obsidian, slabs, clock faces, and cabochons. 
Panadyne's Cerium 65 is comprised of 99% total Rare Earth Oxides with a 65% Cerium content.

Our Cerium Oxide 65 has an average particle size of 1-2 um

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